Lameness- We take a broad approach to evaluating our equine patients and complete a thorough physical exam as a part of our lameness assessments. Our goal is to allow the horse to reach its full gentetic performance potential through working with the owner and patient. We take great care to listen to what the rider is feeling and work with them to properly diagnose and then provide an accurate treatment for the patient to resolve the issue.

Digital radiograph- portable xray for instant images of top quality to help us arrive at a diagnosis.

Digital Ultrasound- excellent quality images for evaluation of soft tissues and reproductive exams.

Airway Endoscopy- upper airway scope available.


Current medical and alternative medicine approaches are considered and discussed.
  • Therapeutic Joint Injections
  • ACP (PRP)
  • IRAP
  • Stem Cell treatment available.
  • talk to us about other regenerative therapies available

Dentistry- Proper dental evaluation and care is essential to every horse. We focus on overall oral health, dental equilibration and talk the owner through our management plan.

On Farm mare management, Stallion management, Artififical insemeination, embryo transfer and semen freezing services are available.

Pre-purchase exams

Herd Health- annual health exams, vaccinations, deworming, and creating a health plan to fit your individual horses needs.

Medicine- we offer a full line of diagnostic services for the medical patient.

Surgery- elective surgeries are available, castrations, cryptorchids, hernias; call for more information Emergency Service-

24/7 emergency service available

Additional large animal services.

Please call us for any questions on services that you may have.
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