Cor Veterinary Services


Advanced Equine Dental Care

Cor Veterinary Services supplies routine and advanced equine dental care to our equine patients. Our full-service veterinary practice includes providing our client’s horses with regular dental maintenance to optimize the health, performance and comfort of the horse. 

A horse with dental issues cannot perform at his highest potential and will not respond to the rider as efficiently through the the bit and bridle. Good dental health is essential for the proper functioning of your horse’s digestive system because digestion begins with chewing and mixing food correctly. To do this, teeth and gums must be in good working order. Otherwise, food that is not chewed properly, will not be digested optimally, and this can lead to chronic colic, choke, weight loss or nutritional deficiencies. 

Cor Veterinary Services performs routine dental exams to inspect each tooth, the gums, tongue and all of the mouth’s tissues to ensure there is no inflammation or signs of abnormality so, that your horse’s overall health and wellness is maintained.