Cor Veterinary Services


Lameness & Soundness Evaluations

Cor Veterinary Services utilizes a comprehensive approach when evaluating equine patients, completing a thorough physical exam to assess lameness and soundness concerns. Using a trained and experienced eye, we observe your horse’s movements and stride, assess range of motion, palpate the limbs, and perform flexion tests to detect areas of current or chronic injury.

Some horses may require diagnostic nerve blocks to help localize the cause of lameness and in some cases, diagnostic imaging tests may be required to help fully understand what is affecting your equine athlete’s health and mobility.

We aim to help every horse reach its full genetic performance potential through working with the owner and patient, taking great care to listen to what the rider is feeling and working with them to fully grasp the issue. 

Once the cause of lameness is localized, we then develop an accurate treatment plan for the patient to restore their health and in turn, optimize their performance.